[Montreal] Three BDR 6Mins DownTown 17Mins Airport

[Montreal] Three BDR 6Mins DownTown 17Mins Airport - WRAPUP

  • 2024-06-20 07:13:06
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This three bedroom apartment in Montreal is conveniently located just 6 minutes from downtown and 17 minutes from the airport. The apartment is perfect for a family or group of friends looking to explore the city.

The apartment features three bedrooms, each with comfortable beds and plenty of storage space. The living room is spacious and perfect for relaxing after a day of sightseeing. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to cook meals at home.

The neighborhood is vibrant and full of restaurants, cafes, and shops. There are also parks and playgrounds nearby for kids to enjoy. Public transportation is easily accessible, making it convenient to get around the city.

Overall, this three bedroom apartment is a perfect base for your stay in Montreal. Book now and start planning your trip!

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